Math Class in Arabic

The first big attempt in 2017

Imagine having math lessons in Chinese because you have just moved to China. Unfortunately, her Chinese is not really good. The many theoretical terms that you may have heard in German before, so are blown away. Math frustration is spreading – but you need math for your graduation and your desired studies.

This is how many young refugees are in the school system. Since its inception, the Refugee Academy has committed to multilingual teaching.

Math in Arabic as a definite plus

In the spring of 2017, through our networks across Berlin, we came across Jalal Abu Alenen, a former mathematics lecturer at the University of Damascus. He urgently searched for rooms for his two-month preparatory course “Mathematics in Arabic” in the rooms of our partner school, the ESBZ Berlin.
The target group of the young refugee Syrians, who will be studying at one of Berlin’s universities from the fall semester, was addressed wanted to start a natural sciences study. The course was organized in conjunction with the Make it German initiative , which emerged from the Syrian student body, and was well attended.

Weekend courses in elm 35

Jalal Abu Alenen teaches the young women in the rooms of the Refugee Academy at Potsdamer Platz

From autumn 2017, the course took place on Saturdays and Sundays in the premises of the Elm 35. Jalal Abu Alenen offered additional units for students who wanted to pass their MSA.

2018 – Return to ESBZ – Intensify Lessons

Jalal with the adults of the Ladies Class – far left Rimi and Hiba from Kassel

In the summer of 2018, he returned to ESBZ due to high demand and was able to help so many students pass their exams. With the beginning of the school year 2018/2019 he expands his teaching again. In addition to his own lessons, English lessons are also offered so that students can improve their chances of successfully completing German school.
Since the demand has increased so much and many girls and young women find it easier to learn in pure girls’ classes, he has set them up specially. For the first offer of the ladies class, two participants even came to Berlin from Kassel in Hesse.

Extension of the concept – Search for teachers and rooms

At the moment, we are urgently looking for additional German-Arabic speaking teachers in Berlin to further expand the concept. Also we look forward to additional room offers.
In addition, we would like to transfer the concept to other cities.
Interested students can contact Jalal at
Intra-educated educators reach the RA Educational Network at

Finding Sponsors

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