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At the Refugee Academy, we all volunteer. Therefore, we are always happy when people feel like supporting us with their skills as volunteers. 🙂

So you can always join as a language training partner for Berlin Babelfish 🙂

We are also happy about people who would like to work in our editorial team. Especially for our newly created news page or for our facebook pages, it would be great if more people could post exciting projects and offers from other organizations.

There is also the opportunity to do an internship at the Refugee Academy. More on our internship page.

Even with our professional teams, it would be nice if professionals and students from the respective fields of expertise would get involved with us.

Currently the following teams are very successful:

Team architecture for architects and civil engineers

Team education for teachers, educators and faculty

Life Science Team for physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians and biologists

If you want to join us, please contact volunteers@refugeeacademy.de

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(This subpage was last updated by our volunteer editorial team on June 29, 2018, but it has not yet been translated into all new languages.
If you want to help us with the translation, or have discovered a content or spelling error, we look forward to sending an e-mail to redaktion@refugeeacademy.de TK)