Berlin Babelfish Simple Language EN

Berlin-Babelfish is open to all. It is for people of all ages and from all places. It’s also free of charge! 🙂

Do you want to improve your language skills?

Then join Berlin-Babelfish 🙂

Here you will find answers to some important questions about our classes. This page is written in so-called simple language. All sentences are very short and very simple.

When and where does Berlin-Babelfish take place?

Spring German

Summer English

Berlin Babelfish starts on Monday the 16th of April and ends on Tuesday the 15th of May 2018. Every day of the week we visit a new place. Not only can you improve your German, but you will also get to know new places in the city.

The earliest we start is at 17:30. This is so those who are taking other language classes, or have work, can still come to Babelfish.

What is the goal of Babelfish?

We do not just want to help you speak and understand languages better. We also want you to experience how life in Berlin works. There are many places where you can learn and experience a lot without spending a lot of money. Often the events are even free.

We will teach you all the words and phrases that are important  for your life in Berlin. So bring your own books, newspapers or letters with you.

Where do the language classes take place?

Every Monday, from 17:30 to 19:30 we are in the ESBZ, the
Protestant School Berlin Center, Wallstrasse 32, 10179 Berlin
(We are in the student café on the ground floor of House A, the first house off the street.) Below is a map where you can easily find the ESBZ.)

Tuesdays, 17:30 19:30
German Museum of Technology Berlin, Trebbiner Straße 9, 10963 Berlin
(The only entrance for the language course is in the loading lane, Gate 7 !!! Attention, many Navis and Google Maps do not know this address, so follow a paper map.

Wednesdays, 18:30 20:30
Ulme 35, Ulmenallee 35, 14055 Berlin
In the Elm a normal Language Cafe takes place all year round. Here beginners can practice as well. The Elm offers many more events that are not Language Cafes. For example, there are movie evenings that are free.

You can find the elm tree by clicking on the link above.


The Babelfish partners at Campus Mitte
Thursdays, 18:30 20:30
Migration Hub, Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin

The Migration Hub gives you lots of tips on how to start your own business in Berlin.

Fridays, 17:30 20:30
Creative House e.V., Fischerinsel 3, 10179 Berlin
Again, every week there is a language cafe where many Farsi speakers come.

Here is a link to a map with all language cafes in Berlin that we know about.

Do I have to sign up for Babelfish?

No, we are an open event. Just come on time to that day’s venue.
We are also happy if you bring friends and colleagues 🙂

IMPORTANT: sometimes during the lesson we take an additional trip to another event.

You can find these special dates here.

What is taught and how?

It would be great if you had already completed an A2 course and maybe you are already attending a B1 language course. However, our offer is based entirely on the wishes and needs of the participants, and we adapt our level accordingly.
Many exercises take place in small groups. Here, advanced participants can also try the exercises with the instructor.

We now have Berlin Babelfish available in multiple languages!

The original language was German, but we have know started a 2018 Summer session in English!

Is there special teaching material?

We teach with practical life in mind and without books. Therefore, we are very pleased if you bring along books, articles or documents that are difficult for you to read. Our teachers are happy to help you understand.

The teams of the Refugee Academy

Our teams generally consist of three teachers each. There is always an expert teach who’s mother tongue (first language) is German. These instructors also have great general knowledge that they like to share with you.

We also have several multilingual assistant teachers in the team. They help you to better understand the grammar.
Because we know sometimes it’s easier if someone can explain that to you in your mother tongue. 🙂

Is there a diploma or an exam?

We do not give any exams. However, as a part of the Babelfish lessons, we are happy to help you prepare for your next German exams.
Anyone who has come to our course more than 10 times over the course of 5 weeks will receive a confirmation of participation.

Who is the course for?

Berlin Babelfish is not just for refugees. All new and old Berliners who want to improve their German can come to us.

What happens after May 15?

Ramadan begins on May 16th. During that time we take a break with Babelfish.

You can improve your German in the many language cafes in Berlin.
Here is the link to the map with all language cafes in Berlin.

And if you want to know why Berlin is beating Babelfish