Babelfish Spezialtermine EN

In the context of Babelfish, there are still some special dates, where you can implement your knowledge of German immediately into the practice.
We’ll be attending networking and training events together, so you can expand your personal networks.

IMPORTANT: For some of these appointments you have to register in advance.
Please do it yourself. You will find the registration pages under the respective links.

On two Tuesdays in May guided tours of the exhibition will take place in cooperation with the German Museum of Technology.
The tours are free and take 60 minutes.
Afterwards the actual Babelfish language trainings take place.

Tuesday, 08.05.2018 16:15 – 17:15
Tuesday, 15.05.2018 16:15 – 17:15

Important: The meeting point is the ticket hall of the Spektrum Science Center, the brick building on the left side !!! This is 100 m left next to the house with the plane above it.

On Thursday, May 10, we visit the open wood workshop in the ESBZ. If you want to work with wood, maybe even build your own furniture is Paul Schmidt at the right address.

On Tuesday, May 15, we will celebrate a small closing party at Babelfish in the Technikmuseum. It would be great if everyone could bring something delicious to eat. If the weather is good, we will move the party to the park at the Gleisdreieck.

Past special dates

On Thursday, April 19, we were in the business network of SINGA in the premises of the Thoughtworks Berlin office.
On Saturday, April 21, we visited the Day of Mathematics at TU Berlin during the day. In the evening, we participated in a privately organized board game in which we played Scrabble in a very international team.

From the 24th of April we also took part in some events of the Asia Pacific Weeks of the Berlin Senate. There the lecture was in English.

On Monday, April 30th, we walked to the ESBZ after the start of class and visited the Open Knowledge Lab in the Wikimedia rooms.

On Tuesday, May 1st, Labor Day, the German Museum of Technology was closed. Instead, we took a trip to the WE ARE THE STADT_Bazaar in the small market on the Holzmarkt (Holzmarktstrasse 25, 10243 Berlin) with all the students.

Here you can get to know a lot of great initiatives from 14:00 to 17:00, which change the coexistence in the city of Berlin in a great way and we are committed to city- and society-relevant topics. The initiatives will present their work and their ideas, network and, hopefully, gain new comrades. So it is the perfect place to practice German.

Admission is free and you can go there yourself. If you do not want to go alone, you can come to the ESBZ Teffepunkt at 13:30.
With it are:  GRANNY. gGmbH (, Warriors e.V. (, The Kollectiv (, Mörchenpark e.V. (, Face Show! With Love Speech! (, CADUS eV (, paper planes eV / Radbahn (, Changing Cities eV / Werbefrei (, Sanctionsfrei eV (, Be an Angel eV (, UBI KLiZ eV (, Media Residents (, Kunst-Stoffe – Central Office for Reusable Materials eV (, Trash World Center ( trash, Urban Coop Berlin eG (, Breaking the Ice ( and the cooperative for urban creativity (

On Saturday, May 5, we took part in the free city tour of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur. These tours take place every four weeks and everybody can sign up independently under this link!

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